4 Tips for Hiring Great Contractors for Your Custom Home Project

by | May 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

More than a place to sleep, your home is a reflection of your style, personal taste and creative vision. But it takes the right team of contractors to make that happen. Here are four tips to point you to the right direction:

1. Ask them to itemize the bids

It’s better if you know exactly what services you’re paying for and how much you spend on each one, says House Logic. You can easily adjust your budget this way, eliminating unnecessary expenses or asking for low-cost alternatives to other services.

2. Go for the fixed rate

Some contractors provide a bid of estimates. That means costs could run higher than you initially expected, which isn’t the best solution for you, especially if you’re working under a tight budget. Get a fixed rate instead. This helps you plan your budget more effectively. If there are too many unknowns that make it hard to provide a fixed rate, eliminate those unknowns as best as you can.

3. Look for experience

Interested in custom built homes in New Jersey? Look for someone with the specialization or experience you need. Not all contractors have the same training out in the field so ask outright if they know how to provide the service you have in mind, from designing a curving staircase to building a pool house.

4. Meet the crew

There’s nothing that inspires confidence in the ability of the contractors you’re hiring than to meet them and see them in action. So come by a job site where the team is working and observe them. See if they have the skill it takes to deliver the standard and quality you want. Because results matter. But so does rapport. If you aren’t comfortable with any of them, talk to the head contractor about it.

So exercise caution when hiring contractors. It’s the kind of decision that could make or break your custom project.

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