4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Walls

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Interior Design and Decorating

Walls do a lot to affect the ambiance of your living room. If you’ve got dark walls, the room tends to feel dark and gloomy. Bright walls suggest energy, but can be a bit of an eyesore if used too much. That’s why choosing the right wall décor is as important as choosing the shade of your walls. The right décor will ensure your walls achieve the feel and vibe you want. Walls that are too bright can be balanced out with dark paintings or wall decorations, depending on your tastes and the effect you want to go for.

1. Go Playful and Whimsical

If you want to design your interiors to reflect a whimsical vibe, you can use charming wall decals like butterflies or fawns or birds. Apartment Therapy lists a few good ways you can use polka dots to create a fun atmosphere. For instance, by using bright colors and dots in different designs — lines and curves — you can introduce not just color but movement on your walls. With these designs, the walls draw the eye and add a lot of excitement to your living room.

2. Go Minimalist

The good thing about wall decals is that you can use as few or as many as you want. If you’re not a fan of crowded wall art, then going with the minimalist feel is a good option. You can use tiny shapes—dots, squares, or triangles for example—to create a nice focal point on your walls and then have the designs complement key architectural designs in your living room like the fireplace.

3. Wall Decals

Want to go with bold, dramatic large designs? You can install one in your stairway, leading straight to your living room for added pizzazz and style. You could also put a dramatic decal on the ceiling of your living room to greet your guests first thing.

4. Customized Decals

If you want something far more interesting and unique, take it another notch higher with customized wall decals. With shops like Sweetums Wall Decals showing off the benefits of custom wall decals for living room interiors, you can have just about any design you want or need in your home. Whether you want your name in comic book letters, a classy monogram decal, or your kid’s head on a superhero body, choosing custom wall decals for living room interiors is an excellent move.

So get rid of your dull, lifeless walls. Have fun getting creative with your living room using wall decals.

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