3 Waterproofing Facts after a Paint Job

by | May 16, 2019 | Painter

When your home receives a new coat of paint, it is important to protect that paint. You do not have to add a layer of protection, but you should keep in mind that it will lead to getting a new coat of paint, again, sooner. Commercial Painters in Jacksonville recommend Waterproofing Jacksonville because they know their craft, best. Industrial Painting Contractors recommend the same.

Here are three facts about waterproofing after a paint job.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of adding a layer of protection to any item that sits in the outdoors for extended periods of time. Anything that sits outdoors is exposed to the elements. The sun, rain and wind may not do damage overnight, but over time, the effects become visible. Waterproofing is the layer that protects its surface. On car windshields, if you add that layer, when it rains, the water beads off. Then you can see and drive better.

What is Used to Waterproof?

To waterproof paint, sealants and coatings are used. Professionals apply liquid, sheet and cementitious. The type used depends on the surface type and the amount of surface they must cover. Since architecture has changed, sealants used to waterproof have evolved too. Building materials have evolved, as well. This means that professionals have assessed the situation and changed their practices with the times.

What Else can be Waterproofed?

Keep in mind that it is not just paint you can waterproof. Waterproofing Jacksonville professionals can use sealants and caulk on joints between concrete, masonry expansions, and joints situated in perimeters of doors, glass and horizontal surfaces. Once the job is complete, they will double check for potential waterproofing failures because they take pride in their work.

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