3 Reasons Why LEED Certified Wallcovering is the Best Option

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Home and Garden

The awareness and effect that designers, manufacturers, and architects have begun to have on the environment over the past decade has become quite inspiring. While there has been a massive shift among just about every industry as it relates to environmental awareness, the biggest and possibly most impactful one has been seen among the world’s builders.

This is also true with wallcoverings, as more and more manufacturers are making the move to ensure that all of their products are LEED certified. Here is a look at three reasons why that shift is so important:

Recyclable Wallcoverings

Manufacturers first began making recyclable wallcoverings in 2007. While this was not done by all manufacturers at the time, it created a shift that has made this practice much more popular today. Having recyclable wallcovering makes it possible for old materials to be used by manufacturers to create new wallcoverings without having to utilize new materials with that process.

Environmentally Friendly Maintenance

Another big reason that LEED certified wallcoverings is a great option is due to the fact that maintenance is much more environmentally friendly. While older wallcovering options may have required the use of chemical cleaning products, the shift to LEED has made it much easier for property owners to maintain the visual appeal of their walls without harming the environment in the process.

Shift Among Many Industries

As with any big change, there is always something major that happens to begin that shift. This is usually a psychological shift that ends up becoming universally accepted across an entire industry. In many ways, the move to manufacturing wallcovering that is environmentally friendly has led a charge to create a variety of other products that focus on the sustaining the environment as well.

Manufacturers of building products like paint and primer are already beginning to focus their efforts on creating products that can benefit the environment over the long term. Customers are even beginning to seek out materials that are proven to provide these advantages. Hopefully this shift will only continue to increase the amount of building products that qualify for LEED certification.

The Final Word

The fact that wallcovering manufacturers have begun to almost universally manufacture LEED certified wallcoverings has created huge long term benefits to the environment. Purchasing your wallcovering from companies like WolfGordon that focus on distributing only products that are environmentally efficient is a great way to make your own impact on the environment.

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