When to Consider Stump Grinding in Annapolis MD

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Landscaping

Many types of trees can live a hundred years or longer, often growing steadily for decades before succumbing to old age. When a large tree is toppled by wind or simply needs to be cut down, a massive stump will often be left behind.

In many cases, removing a stump whole will be almost or entirely impossible. Experts at stump grinding in Annapolis MD, however, can reduce the remaining material to small chips that can be gathered up and disposed of easily.

Often the Only Realistic Way to Get Rid of a Stump

A mature tree can weigh dozens of tons, with most of that mass typically being concentrated lower down. The stump that is left behind when a tree falls or is cut down can weigh thousands of pounds itself.

That will often be only part of the overall problem, however, as the root complexes that most trees develop can include many individual tendrils that stretch for yards each underground. With the bulk of the stump above making it practically impossible to reach these many anchors, pulling the stump from the ground whole will often be entirely out of the question.

In such cases and many others, stump grinding in Annapolis MD makes for an especially suitable and accessible solution. Instead of having to somehow move an entire stump that weighs so much and is held so securely in the ground, experts at this process can simply turn the exposed portion into wood chips and sawdust in place.

An Affordable Way to Have a Stump Removed

Visit us online and it will be seen that having a stump ground down will also normally be quite affordable. Especially compared to the work required to remove an intact stump, where that is even possible, grinding will almost always be easier and therefore less expensive.

Of course, the cost of any given stump grinding project will depend on a number of factors. The size of the stump in question will always be of particular significance, and its location can influence the price to be paid, as well. In just about every case, however, having a stump ground in place will end up being an especially affordable way to take care of what might otherwise be a lingering, unsightly problem.

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