When to Consider Replacing Your House Siding in Colorado Springs

Siding is an amazing tool for homeowners because it makes it quick and easy to protect the exterior of the home and update its appearance. Many people choose to replace siding when they are ready to sell because it is a valuable selling feature which can dramatically boost the resale value of a home. But this is not the only time when residing should be considered.


The lifespan of siding varies according to many factors. How long ago it was installed – meaning that modern siding tends to be more durable than its ancestors. What type of siding was installed and the elements the siding is exposed to.

House Siding Colorado Springs often takes a beating from the long, bitter cold winters Colorado is known to experience. Excessive wind and sun along with any extreme temperatures, will affect the product more than a mild climate. Typically you can expect to have siding last 10-15 years with little or no concerns.


Any exterior signs of wear such as cracking, warping or bubbling are signs the material is damaged and at the end of its life. If you find your current siding is constantly needing to be cleaned because of a mold or fungus accumulation or continuously needing to be repainted, consider replacing it.

Interior issues such as moisture leaks which are visible on interior walls or a home where it is becoming more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature are additional signs. Since much of the purpose of siding is to protect the structure of the home from wind and water, any siding not accomplishing this must go.


Infestations are a problem for every part of a home. If the siding is compromised and insects have bored into the material, the siding needs to go and an exterminator called as well. If your insect problem is from carpenter ants, it is important to know they are only attracted to rotted, wet wood. This means you have some damage beneath the siding which must be removed and repaired before new siding is installed.

New siding will make your home more attractive, comfortable and safe. Residing often pays for itself with the increase in home value. It is very low maintenance and easy to care for. Business Name offers House Siding Colorado Springs. You can contact them for more information and to recieve a quote for your home.

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