What Materials Does A Driveway Contractor In Toledo, OH Use?

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

A driveway contractor in Toledo, OH can offer many different choices of surface depending on the architecture of your home and the landscaping design. Driveways often have concrete, asphalt, crushed stone or decorative brick surface.

A driveway contractor in Toledo, OH can supply and lay a paving stone driveway. The driveway certainly enhances the curb appeal of a home and it lasts for many years. Not only does it last, in the event the drive has to be lifted to access a broken pipe or other service line it is a simple matter and when the repair has been made and the paving bricks have been put back, there is no evidence of the driveway having been disturbed.

Paving stones, also called pavers, interlocking pavers and brick pavers are one in the same thing. They are bricks which are designed to lock together and for strength and durability they have been formed, dried and baked.

Paving stones that are installed by a driveway contractor in Toledo, OH provide a solid and substantial surface that, when installed properly, shed water off to the side. However, paving stones are nested together which allows a great deal of the water to get through the gaps between the bricks and enter the sub-soil. This effect has significant environmental advantages as fewer pollutants enter the streams, rivers and lakes. A solid surface such as concrete or asphalt does not allow for this water absorption.

Because there are so many surfaces, paving stones can move as the seasons change. A driveway contractor in Toledo, OH is fully aware of the effects of frost and will often recommend paving stones because they are impervious to the effects of common de-icing products like salt and magnesium chloride. Because of the numerous surfaces which can move, rarely will a paving stone break from the effects of frost.

As the years pass even driveways made of a paving stone surface will show signs of aging. Weeds will grow between the cracks, pavers will rise and fall and become uneven. If this happens then a driveway contractor in Toledo, OH can lift the paving stones, prepare the base as new and relay the stones. The only cost is labor, there is no need to tear up, dispose of and relay a concrete or asphalt drive.

In terms of cost, paving stones are the most expensive with concrete number two, asphalt three and lastly gravel. However, in terms of maintenance it is reversed with paving stones being the least costly and gravel the most costly. A driveway contractor in Toledo, OH will confirm that the life expectancy of a driveway surfaced with paving stones can be as much as 20 years.

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