Ways to Prepare for Siding Installation in Oak Lawn

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

A home’s siding is another factor in its energy efficiency. It is the first barrier that incoming temperature changes encounter when trying to get into your home. It is the last barrier that prevents energy from your heating and air conditioning units from escaping. While this barrier is a part of protecting your home against energy loss, it is also an important part of its curb appeal. When it is time to replace the siding, take some time to prepare for the installation by doing some of these items.

One of the ways to prepare for Siding Installation in Oak Lawn is to clear all the areas around the yard and garage. Cut back overgrown plants and make sure all areas of the house are accessible. If you have delicate planting beds near your home, you may want to consider a temporary relocation of the plants. Any vines growing on the siding should also be removed to help with the removal of old siding later.

If you are going to remove the siding yourself, you should start the project early. Make sure to have a contingency plan to cover the areas that are susceptible to rain. If you discover damage, such as wood rot or missing insulation when removing the siding, this needs to be taken care of before the new siding is installed. If the professionals are going to remove the siding, make sure to fit in some time to deal with problems that can be uncovered during the removal process.

Since the outside home is the focus of the Siding Installation in Oak Lawn, pets should stay indoors and be taken on walks elsewhere for the day. Unfortunately, pets should stay out of backyards when that side of the siding is going up. Not only are there nails and tools they can get into, they can interfere with workers, which can delay the process.

These are a few things that you can do to help to prepare for the installation of your new siding. For more information on siding and the installation process, Visit Evergreen Door & Window.

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