Tips On Recognizing The Signs Of An Infestation

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Pest Control

In some areas of the county, termites are an epidemic. Causing billions of dollars in structural damage each year, professionals dealing with pest control in Putnam County are working overtime to rid homes of the deplorable bug. The National Pest Management Association recommends that home owners become familiar with the signs of termite infestation in order to spot one in its earliest stages. Becoming educated on the pest, knowing how to identify them, and learning essential preventative steps is the best way a home owner can protect themselves against an attack.

Subterranean and drywood termites are the two species most commonly found in households. Subterranean varieties live in colonies within the soil and build a network of tunnels to get to their food sources. Drywood termites are found in hardwood flooring, wood work, framing, and furniture of homes. The drywood variety is most prevalent in warm and humid climates, while subterranean termites reside in almost every state. Both species create monumental damage to your home; however, it is important to know which species you have in order to treat it successfully. This is when you may want to call in for pest control in Putnam County.

You won’t find termites on the surface of trees or wood in your yard, but rather inside. Termites prefer humid and dark environments. By tapping the wood, you can tell if it sounds hollow. This is often the sign of an infestation. Reproductive termites have wings and can be seen flying to other areas to create new colonies. If you spot a swarm of termites in your yard or around your home, immediately call for pest control in Putnam County.

Swarming drywood termites will enter your home through chipped paint or cracks in the foundation. They can enter the foundation through openings about the size of a pencil eraser. It is very important that you check your foundation regularly and seal any cracks of chips that you have. The mud tubes built by subterranean termites can be found crawling up the side of the foundation. This gives the termites the darkness and moisture they need as they come and go from their food source. Be sure to store your mulch and firewood away from you home.

Your home is your greatest investment. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Don’t let the threat of termites destroy what you’ve created.

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