Three Repairs for Professionals Who Do Water Heater Maintenance in Upland, CA

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Air Conditioning

When there is a problem with the water heater, most homeowners simply replaces the unit altogether. However, not every problem means that you need to buy a new water heater. Some problems, such as those below, can be repaired by professionals.

Not Enough Hot Water

If there doesn’t seem to be enough hot water in your home, and the hot water needs haven’t changed, check your tank for any leaks. If there doesn’t seem to be a water leak, consider flushing the tank to get rid of mineral deposits. You can also call for professional water heater maintenance in Upland, CA to correct the problem.

Water Is Discolored or Smells

Sometimes the hot water may not run clear or there could be an odor that comes out of the pipes when the water is turn on. It could either be a problem with the water source or the water heater itself. While you can determine the cause of the smell and discoloration, call a professional that performs water heater maintenance to find the source in case parts like the anode rod needs replacing.

Water Is too Hot

If the water is coming out too hot, try turning down the temperature and give it some time to cool down before checking it again. If the water is still too hot, then there may be a problem with the temperature pressure relief valve. Since it can be a dangerous repair, call for professional service from All Air Appliance Masters, Inc. so they can find and fix the problem quickly.

Although water heater maintenance can prevent you from replacing your water heater, there are some repairs that are more expensive than buying a new hot water heater and having it professionally installed. However, by catching problems early, you can keep your hot water heater and save money by having professionals examine and fix the unit.

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