Three Excellent Choices for your New Driveway

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Landscaping

The paving Ottawa home owners require for their driveways will offer a finishing touch to your property. Therefore it is important to have a few good ideas regarding the most popular choices of driveways in Ottawa. Here are three excellent choices of paving Ottawa paving companies can offer:

1. Straight Paving: Straight paving offers a very affordable option. It will provide a smooth and flexible surface required for the weather changes in Ottawa and is easy to care for when shovelling in the winter. It offers a maintenance free option that will keep weeds at bay and will look neat and trim. A well paved driveway will require a level of geotextile underlay that must be compacted before the asphalt can be laid. As well once the old asphalt driveway is removed you may be able to save more money if the underlay is still in good condition and does not have to be replaced.

2. Paving and Paver Combination: If you have a bit more money to spend or it turns out you do not require a new underlay you can consider using a paving and paver combination. This allows you to have the easy care of an asphalt drive that is then highlighted with some pavers for a design detail. The addition of pavers will edge the driveway providing a more focused and finished look to your home and garage. You can choose the style and paver that will complement your home and garage and look at different configurations that will work well with your property.

3. Straight Pavers: Straight pavers provide a more distinguished look to your driveway and property. It will also add more texture and detail which makes them more costly. It is a good idea to consider the overall look of your home before deciding to go with straight pavers. If you have a textured façade or roof straight pavers might make your home appear messy and disorganized. Straight pavers go very well with homes that are more refined and historical as well as a very modern home with simple lines. The more texture to your home’s façade the less chance straight pavers will work. However if you really prefer the look of straight pavers you can go with a solid colour and only add contrast to create a border or edging to your driveway.

As you can see these three new driveway choices will help you find the ideal paving Ottawa homes prefer. For more information .

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