Three Benefits to Installing a Walk-in Bathtub in Pittsburgh

Injuries from accidents at home are some of the most common problems for both children and older adults. Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is the most dangerous; every year, they account for more than 235,000 accidents involving people over the age of 15. Bathing is the cause of most of those accidents but they can be prevented by having a walk-in bathtub installed.

Easier to Enter

Some people have mobility issues because of strokes, back injuries, or neuromuscular diseases that affect their ability to get into standard bathtubs. Fortunately, by installing a walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh, not only can they maintain their personal hygiene but bathroom accidents are greatly reduced. With a walk-in tub, there is no edge to climb over and it allows you to sit in comfort instead of sitting on a narrow shower chair.

Hydrotherapy at Home

Most walk-in bathtub models have whirlpool jets that can help soothe aching muscles. Hydrotherapy can relax tight muscles caused by injuries, strains, or medical conditions. It can also help release endorphins, which are hormones that duplicate the effects of painkillers in the brain. Instead of seeking this type of treatment in a physical therapist’s clinic, you can soak in the tub at home to get these benefits.

Live at Home Longer

By installing bathtubs that they can walk or maneuver into, seniors can keep their independence by living in their own homes. Some seniors with mobility issues are forced to move into assisted living communities to get help with bathing but taking care of themselves is easier when they can get into a tub or shower unassisted.

If you’re interested in walk-in bathtubs for your own or a loved one’s home, schedule an appointment for an estimate on installing one of the walk-in bathtubs that we offer.

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