The Services Rendered by The Professional Pool Service Palm Springs Folks

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Swimming Pool

You maybe thinking of constructing a new swimming pool at home or already have one and need more services rendered. When you get in touch with Pool Service Palm Springs, they would tell you all about the wide range of services available, so that the newly constructed or the existing swimming pool is kept in good condition. Right from taking care of the pool, cleaning with auto pool cleaners, using the best pool filters to helping you with all the supplies the swimming pool would need for maintenance and also the intermission services provided to keep a check on the pool, the pool service folks would take care of it all.

What the Pool Service Palm Springs professionals would bring to you as their first service recommendation would be the use of an automatic swimming pool cleaner. By using this, the structure would be forming a loop which is a closed water facility and if you take a look at other swimming pools around, you would find 3 kinds of filters used for the purpose.

1. There are filters which have baskets on the skimmer of the pool for the water to leave and to be pulled back into the filter.
2. The next basket used would be for the pre-filtering process.
3. And the third basket would be the largest one.

Pool service Palm Springs professionals ensure that the baskets and the filters are cleansed on a weekly basis. If the winds around have been strong or there have been dust storms the whole week, they would ensure that the cleaning is done sooner. You would also find some pool cleaners using the famous suction pool cleaning tools, which come with suctions attached to the wall of the pool that serve as vacuum points. Some even are embedded into the skimmer directly as well, say experts. What this tool does is that it climbs from wall to floor and ensures that all debris, dust and leaves are sucked into the filter. The strainer basket would hold back all the larger debris. This process takes around four to five hours on a daily basis.

Pool Service Palm Springs say one should also think of using auto pool cleaners, which are pressure based. They are powered when the water runs with the help of the force from the booster pump to the pool. The wheels rotate with the help of the water flow and the water jets into a bag which is meant for collecting debris, dust and leaves.

The right Pool Service Palm Springs professional would also check for the balanced chemical levels in the swimming pool. For example, the chlorine and the acid levels to be precise, this testing is done in a matter of a few minutes.

The water pressure would build over time in the swimming pool and hence you should choose a filter that can sustain the pressure, say Pool Service Palm Springs experts. A back flush is important when the filter pressure reaches this level.

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