The Design Options Possible When Choosing a Seamless Floor

The excitement over poured flooring has grown as homeowners have discovered the amazing design possibilities this durable product has to offer. A seamless floor is not at risk of peeling and developing stained and moldy grout lines. It is smooth, easy to clean and antibacterial. Best of all, it is endlessly adaptable to suit any decor or the size and shape of room in the home. It works as beautifully in the garage as it will in the kitchen, bathroom or family room. Poured flooring is also the perfect option for commercial kitchens, laboratories or even gymnasium floors.

The look of resin floors is versatile because of the many design methods possible with its use. Single colors of the flooring are used for many rooms but adding stripes and patterns with additional colors is equally possible. Brighten a playroom with random swirls in a rainbow of shades. Consider creating a unique visual focal point in each room. Select a school team logo, add a soft floral design or create eye-catching visuals with a checkerboard or other pattern. Commercial building owners have the opportunity to avoid repainting or repeatedly applying tape to their flooring to guide people around their facilities or keep them within specific areas. A permanent solution that will never scuff away is possible when the lines are added directly to the flooring.

Suspending items within the resin is also acceptable. The seamless floor will still remain smooth regardless of the depth or type of item used in the design. Home and business owners have used a variety of coins, glitter and metallic flakes and much more to bring color and interest to their floors. Museums and commercial buildings around the world have created walkable works of art that amaze everyone that sees the final result.

Most homeowners do not want their living room floor to resemble the Milky Way or to be coated in a layer of confetti. However, it is possible to create mock marble or granite floors that are affordable and have much more durability than the original material would ever be able to provide. Choose neutral shades to ensure the floor looks modern or select something cutting-edge that will be the topic of conversation at every gathering. The options are limitless with the right installation team. Find out more about all of the possibilities by visiting us for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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