The Benefits of Using a Porcelain Garage Flooring Tile

by | May 21, 2014 | Home Improvement

When you are considering flooring options for your garage, chances are porcelain Garage Flooring Tile is not the first thing you will think up. After all, this is what is used inside of your home, not in a garage. Well, this is an all-to-common misconception. There are more and more residential garages that are being tiled with porcelain. This is mainly due to the fact that it is extremely durable, which is one of the primary factors it is used for the showroom floor for up-scale auto dealerships, drive through hotel entrances, mechanic garages and a number of other commercial locations.

Specific Advantages of Porcelain Garage Flooring Tile

The main reason that porcelain garage tiles are used in these types of applications is fairly simple. This tile appears luxurious, is very durable and extremely easy to maintain. Due to its high density when it is manufactured, it does not absorb very much moisture, which makes the surface virtually impervious to any type of staining. This feature also makes it completely frost resistant, chip and scratch resistant, as well as completely resistant to any type of heavy load impact. This type of flooring is also extremely resilient to any type of abrasion, will not be affected by cleaning agents or chemicals and will maintain its color when exposed to direct sunlight.

The majority of porcelain tiles are manufactured in a through-body manner, which means that the materials and the color go throughout the entire thickness of the tile. If it does become chipped the color will not be affected. If a tile does become broken or cracked, they are able to be removed and then replaced with an entirely new one.

A common myth about porcelain tile in the garage is that it will become too slippery, when this is actually not true. When you select the appropriate rating from us, porcelain tile will have the same texture as concrete when it is wet. This is why it is so popular for commercial building entrances that are exposed to outside weather conditions.

If you desire a durable and tough floor that will provide a touch of class to your garage space, then the installation of porcelain tile is ideal. This flooring will last for several years, offering easy maintenance. Additionally, it offers one of the best returns on your investment of any type of flooring available.

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