Taking Care of Your Modern chandeliers

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Home Improvement

diverse designs of modern chandeliers     The elegant look of a crystal chandelier is no longer reserved for just formal dining rooms anymore. Chandeliers now appear in the foyer of homes, sanctuaries of churches, doctor offices, some even use them outside, depending on the ambience desired. Chandeliers are noted for their exquisite beauty and the awe they bring to those drabbest of rooms. That beauty does not maintain without much toil and labor but the payoff is definitely worth it. DesignerChandeliers of Miami Beach, Florida will help you by giving tips on how to maintain your Modern chandeliers.

Modern chandeliers are not at all unlike their old-world, classic “cousins” in that they add a sophisticated charm of their own to any room. There are diverse designs of modern chandeliers and the price range runs from relatively inexpensive to the extravagant. In any case, you want to properly take care of your precious investment. The charm that is the modern chandelier is no good if the crystals, prisms or pendants and beads are kept sparkling bright and in working order. Ensure that the glass beauties are gently wiped down with a non abrasive detergent or cleaner, or use ammonia-based solutions. Those chandeliers whose designs are beaded should be lightly dusted, and if you are going to vacuum, be sure there are no loose parts. Avoid using those cleaners marked “chandelier spray” as these are only applicable for the vertical surfaces and the residue from the spray could leak down into the other parts of the chandelier leaving streaks and dulls the look. Finally, do NOT spin your chandelier around to clean it. Move your ladder around instead.

DesignerChandeliers offer a vast array of chandeliers to complement your home, business or other places of elegance. In addition to chandeliers, their designs include modern lighting, vintage lighting, lightbulb collections, sconces and lamps.They offer their products at affordable prices in comparison to the normal pricing of chandeliers. In fact, this affordability factor was the driving force behind the company being started. Each chandelier they make is custom made to the customer’s liking, something you will not find in other designers. Contact them on their website, to browse their collection or put in your request.

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