Should You Use Exterminators in Minneapolis to Treat Bed Bugs?

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Pest_Control

Many people in the U.S. are shocked when they realize they have bed bugs. That is often because the problem was fairly rare for many years. Advanced chemicals kept infestations under control. However, as world travel became more popular, travelers began bringing the insects home from countries where they are still a problem. There are several options for treating an infestation, including hiring professional Exterminators in Minneapolis. Some methods of handling the problem include:

*     SUNSHINE AND CLEANING: Bed Bugs are hard to destroy, but both bugs and eggs will die at temperatures of over 120 degrees. As a result, many people eliminate the insects by wrapping affected bedding and clothing in plastic, and leaving it in the hot sun for hours. This works on some items, but does not affect bugs that have burrowed deep into furniture, rugs, or under molding. Using this method, the entire house has to be scrubbed and cleaned.

*    THE DRYER: Since the temperature in a dryer exceeds 120 degrees, bed bugs will not survive on items run through a drying cycle. However, this method is limited to items that fit into the dryer. It does not remove bugs that have spread throughout the home. Even if the entire house is cleaned, and mattresses or furniture thrown out, eggs can remain. That means that the process would have to be repeated until there is no sign of bugs.

*    PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: Exterminators in Minneapolis can quickly locate signs of bed bugs in any area of your home. They are trained to understand the insects’ living, eating, and nesting habits. They can develop an effective treatment plan. This may include sealing off various areas of the home for specific treatment. When they treat bed bugs, Exterminators in Minneapolis can preserve mattresses and furniture. You do not have to destroy your belongings to eliminate the bugs. However, treatment may involve more than one visit.

Bed bugs have become a problem in the U.S., as travellers bring them back in suitcases. Destroying items affected by bed bugs or treating them with heat can partially solve the problem, but professional treatment is the simplest and most cost effective solution.

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