Selecting Industrial Cooling Fans And Misting Systems

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For large spaces and indoor environments, temperature control can be a significant problem. It is also a costly factor for industrial buildings, and adding misting systems and industrial cooling fans can be an important consideration in any commercial setting.

The combination of industrial cooling fans and misting systems in the cooling process is not new or unique, but in the past they have typically been used more commonly in outdoor and recreational types of venues. Through increasing control and technology in design of these systems, they can now be used safely indoors for cooling, dust control and even for odor control.

What to Consider

When comparing different options in industrial cooling fans and misting systems there are several factors to keep in mind. Not all systems and not all manufacturers offer the experience, expertise and understanding to be able to design a system that really delivers on what it promises.

The size or the area that industrial cooling fans and misting systems are recommended for use is important. As with any other type of temperature control system using the wrong size results in lower overall performance. It also can be more energy inefficient as the system is constantly using electricity rather than cycling on and off.

Company Reputation

There is only a handful of companies across the United States with significant experience in designing products used as industrial cooling fans and misting systems. These companies have excellent reputations in providing quality products designed to last and operate for years even in grueling environments.

If you are considering industrial cooling fans and misting systems, always do your research on the company. Look for an industry leader with a significant track record of providing misting and cooling systems for commercial properties.


With industrial cooling fans and misting systems, specific features can be both energy efficient as well as provide the optimum in temperature control and cooling ability. Look for systems including those with multiple zone settings as well as the ability to integrate with any existing controllers and systems you may have in place.

Carefully look at and consider the quality in parts in the design of the industrial cooling fans and misting systems. Welded stainless steel lines, industrial controllers and housing for the units should be constructed to stand up to industrial use and environments, which are very different than required for residential use.

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