Roofing in Hollywood – Simple Yet Effective Roof Maintenance Tips

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No matter how beautifully you decorate your home with the most luxurious furniture and accessories, you can never be comfortable if the roof leaks. This simple fact alone emphasizes the importance of roof maintenance. Besides leaking, a damaged roof is extremely dangerous for the residents because as the roof continues to deteriorate, it continues to become structurally unstable. All it takes is one heavy rainstorm for a weak roof to collapse and cause untold damage. In order to prevent these unnecessary repercussions, you need to ensure prompt maintenance. If the damage is severe, you need to immediately hire a roofing service in Hollywood to have it repaired. Read on for some simple roof maintenance techniques.

Annual checks

You can save a lot of money and trouble by getting your roof inspected annually. Since the roof is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions round the year, the chances of damage are high, especially if your roof is tiled. Small cracks, fissure, broken tiles and shingles and weakening roof supports need to be corrected in time. You can hire a roofing service in Hollywood for annual inspections.

Keep the roof neat

Avoid debris accumulation on the roof. Leaves and other organic matter tend to become moist and rot, leading to mold growth, which in turn can deteriorate the roof. Inorganic matter can get jammed in the gutters and cause water accumulation, which could lead to seepage through minor fissures in the roof. The condition can exaggerate if left unattended. Debris can also damage shingles.

DIY inspection

While professional inspection is necessary annually, you can inspect your roof more often to identify damages. Essentially, a check at the end of every season is called for. Here are some of the checks that you need to make:

* Roof discoloration: Discoloration indicates growth of fungi and mold. This usually happens following rainy season or seasons of high humidity. Mold and fungus can cause damage to the construction materials used in roofing, if not checked in time. This reduces structural stability and might cause leaks

* Shingles: Damage to the roof is first manifested through damage to shingles. Since shingles are a very important part of the roof, any damage to them might end up with exaggerated damage within a short while. When you inspect, check for missing shingles, broken or ripped ones and misplaced ones. If you find them, hire a professional for immediate repair

* Foliage: Having trees around the house is very good. However, trees could turn out to be disastrous if they begin to hang over the roof. Branches could fall over the roof or block sunlight and aid fungal growth. Trim trees to avoid these problems.

Regular and timely care can prevent a lot of problems with the roof. You can also save a significant amount of money because repairing minor damages is much cheaper than replacing the roof, which is what it might come to if you don’t fix it in time.


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