Roof Protection Nationwide Requires Durable Safety Solutions

The risk of getting too close to the edge of a roof is obvious. One of the most overlooked fall hazards on buildings is the skylight. That is why skylight fall protection is just as important as this aesthetically pleasing architectural feature.

Beauty and Function are Important Building Elements

While commercial and industrial skylights can add beauty and illuminate dark areas, most are not designed to provide structural support. Manufacturers were not thinking of body weight when designing skylights.

Instead, these holes in your roof are designed to bring natural light into commercial spaces minus debris and water from the outside.

Skylight Fall Protection Keeps Employees Safe

According to OSHA safety requirements, coverings made of glass or plastic are not sufficient. As an employer, you must ensure that your employees will not fall through any hole on the premises. Skylights are in this category with no distinction between an open hole in the roof and an unguarded skylight.

Roof Guardrail Systems Minimizes Safety Hazards

Roof guardrail systems help reduce injuries even further in addition to skylight fall screens. Injuries and fatalities are inevitable without determining the proper protective guard that you need. Roof guardrail systems designed to fit the dimensions of your building can help to prevent anyone from falling through.

Get OSHA Compliant Products from Safety Rail Source LLC

Skylights are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Let Safety Rail Source LLC offer a range of screens and guards to give you skylight fall protection that meets OSHA standards.

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