Poured Epoxy Garage Flooring in New York Allows for Leaking Fluids to Be Easily Cleaned Up

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Flooring

People who care a lot about the look of their garage floor may decide to have poured epoxy in that structure. This material for Garage Flooring in New York looks shiny and new, and cleaning vehicle fluids from the surface is much easier. Concrete tends to become stained by those fluids as it absorbs them to a certain extent.

Leaking Vehicles

Men and women who tend to only own newer vehicles may never have problems with fluid on the floor. However, anyone whose car or pickup truck is more than five years old may start to see spots on the garage floor as seals wear down and leaks develop in various components. Often, these problems are minor for the vehicle, but they can gradually cause a noticeable amount of staining on the surface underneath.

Identifying the Fluids

An epoxy surface makes the fluids easier to identify since they don’t soak in and become discolored. Wiping up the fluids from poured epoxy Garage Flooring in New York is easy. But that doesn’t mean the vehicle owner should ignore the fact that something is leaking.

A little bit of oil on the floor may not be cause for alarm, but having to routinely add oil to the container is worrisome. Depending on the cleanliness of the liquid, it may range from light gold to black. Two other oily substances, these leaving pink or reddish spots, is probably power steering fluid or transmission fluid. Other fluids also can leak, which is a sign the vehicle should be checked over by a mechanic.

Smooth vs. Textured Surfaces

A completely flat garage floor instead of a textured one is best for being able to easily clean up fluid leaks. Poured epoxy from a company such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation is smooth, allowing for ease of maintenance.

A Variety of Color Possibilities

Because poured epoxy is colored by tinting, customers of the contractor can select nearly any hue they want for their garage floor. Most property owners choose a neutral color, as they want the effect to be understated and not the major point of interest in the building. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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