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by | Dec 6, 2018 | Home Remodeling

Pittsburg is undergoing dramatic environmental transformation in history of America. Now it has more green square footage than other cities. Many have been built on former brownfield areas. We have Green Home builders, eco-friendly home contractors and custom home builders

Eco Friendly home contractors in Pittsburgh

Their green, modular houses are designed to fit into any outdoor setting without interfering with the environment. They use less materials, less energy to operate and produce minimal waste. Homes designed by them integrate improved building techniques and products to advance their longevity, quality and performance. They prefer home elevation, orientation and location. When designing homes, they take advantage of alternatives energy systems.

Smart Homes have capability to lighting fixtures, wireless control thermostat and security to monitor home’s energy performance. Every home is equipped with cutting edge home automation systems and diagnostic energy monitoring system. They feature warm materials, high ceiling and abundant natural light. The homes are more comfortable, luxurious and spaces feel roomier.

Pittsburgh Green Homes builders

The existing home, vast array of strategies is needed to achieve greater efficiency. These include: inexpensive and small upgrades like installing energy efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats and low-flow water faucets. Also less visible or invisible elements such as air sealing and efficient insulation create less drafty inner environment.

Modern constructed homes are being built to embrace green principles. Most of the builders now take a whole-building approach and scientific to ensure that a home layout, design and systems work concert to make a comfortable and functional setting that embrace environmental concerns.

Some see energy efficiency and cost-saving is important while others it is all about environmental impact of the home and health aspects.

Eco friendly custom home builders in pittsburgh

They take common sense approach to healthy, energy efficient and green building. They focus on returns on vestment. They recommend paying more for a method or product and if they can substitute it with logical returns on investment. Does it minimize time and maintenance cost now and the future? Impact on the environment. How are they interfering with the environment in both long and short term? Healthy and safety. Safety and health of the customers is their top priority. Does the method or product embrace the health and safety of the customers and family?

Their homes have been tested out to be between 20% and 30% more energy efficient than others homes built to building standard codes. Present building technology offer significant savings.

Homes built by Regency builders five years ago have an energy bill of $550 per month, while homes build recently have average of $210 per month. In order to save money, green products and practices can be the best solution. Eco- friendly building process include: site selection. From geotechnical testing and light studies, every part of land has its uniqueness and needs proper planning and evaluation.

Timeless design and construction materials and methods. They believe in building and designing home that will last beyond future generations. Energy audit and testing. Use of the latest technology such as utilizing computer aided programs, infrared thermal imaging and third-party auditors to make sure the customer’s home is efficient.

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