Overall Building Maintenance Starts With An Impressive Lobby Area

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Cleaning

Dirt, debris and dust in the workplace can have negative effects on your employees as well as equipment and facilities. A clean workspace though can reverse those negative effects rather quickly. However, did you know that a clean work area is a necessity for a positive impression on your clientele? The lobby or waiting area in particular should be a focus during habitual building maintenance. After all, first impressions are important in engaging and retaining customers and employees.

Study The High Traffic Areas

Which parts of your workplace see the most foot traffic? More than likely, your business waiting or lobby area does as it is often the primary entrance and exit. With high traffic your carpeting wears more quickly as well as accumulates dirt faster. Building maintenance carried out by your office cleaning contractors should require a little extra time and cleaning frequency in this high traffic areas. In some cases, you can prolong the life of your carpeting in the lobby areas by using entrance mats which often serve as a “way station” for debris and moisture carried on shoes from the outdoors.

Odor Detection

Sense of smell ties closely into impressions and memories. Therefore, if you enter a building that appears to be clean but smells off, you will likely be turned off and have a negative impression. Enlisting a professional janitorial company to perform building maintenance is important to combat the causes of odors. For instance, sometimes carpeting needs to be professionally cleaned because it can trap odors over time. In addition, ventilation systems can also trap air pollutants that can cause odors so venting should be cleaned periodically as well.

Dusting & Windows

Building maintenance should include dusting and window washing to maintain overall cleanliness. If dust is seen accumulating on shelving, light fixtures and equipment, your clients might start to wonder what else in your business might slip through the cracks. And of course, clean windows allow natural sunlight to filter into the workplace. When the windows are grungy or smudged, this uncleanliness lends a subconscious nudge in clients that makes them perceive your business as not as professional as others.

It is not fair to judge based on first impressions but it is human nature to do so. Therefore, hire a great office cleaning contractor in the Maryland area to handle all facets of your building maintenance and cleaning needs. After all, it is rare to get a second chance to make a good first impression.


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