Metal recycling: What can be recycled?

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Metal recycling is a process of turning otherwise-wasted metals materials into renewed usable products. Many metals are ideal for recycling as they can be melted repeatedly without losing their strength, or durability. They can be used repeatedly in making new products. When it comes to Metal recycling Atlantic City residents have seized that opportunity for making their living out of it, growing the economy of the state as well as taking care of the environment. As a side, according to the statistics, American use over a hundred millions steel cans and over two-hundred millions beverage cans every day.

Making new products from old metals saves more energy than making from a virgin ore. In some cases, you can sell used equipment for the value of their metals. It is important to understand what metals have high scrap metal recycling value, as not all are reusable. Recyclable metals include:


Aluminum is very profitable for the recycling companies and to the common citizen who is everyday in the business of collecting waste material for money. Recycled aluminum requires about five percent of the energy required for making it from a virgin ore. Some of the aluminum items that you should consider recycling are Aluminum plates, cans, construction materials, auto plates, and candy bar wrappers. Aluminum is just as recyclable as cans, but it is rarely accepted in curbside recycling programs. However, some drop-off centers accept foils that have been thoroughly cleaned.


Steel comes in various forms, which include nails, food cans, motors, appliances, framing materials, beams, among others. According to United State Environmental Protection Agency, new steel products contain about twenty-five to seventy-five percentage recycled content. Curbside programs, drop-off centers, scrap-metal dealers, and supermarkets accept steel cans. In USA, millions of tons of steel are recycled every year. This help in creating jobs, conserve energy, and environment.


Copper is worth good money, however, coated copper is least valuable. Old copper wires, fixtures, and household items can be turned into cash. Recyclable copper items include pipes, guttering, pots and pans, coins, construction materials, among others.

Precious metals

The most common reused precious metals are gold and silver. These metals have been recycled for centuries. Companies that deal with buying used jewelry purchased them based on their quality and weight.




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