Learn More About Tin Backsplash Tile Installation in Brooklyn NY

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

A backsplash is both an element of beauty in a kitchen and is also needed for protection. Backsplashes are placed behind sinks and stoves to protect against the splashes that occur from the sink and cooking. Backsplashes have changed over the years, resulting in intricate designs and a host of materials, including ceramic tiles. Today, there is a design trend that is leading homeowners back to the look of the nineteenth century when tin tiles were pressed into intricate designs and placed behind sinks and stoves. Today, this nostalgic look is making a huge comeback and can be found in the latest home designs across the country. Those homeowners considering Tin Backsplash Tile Installation in Brooklyn NY should continue reading to learn more.

A tin backsplash is created when sheets of tin are pressed into ornate, decorative patterns that are made to look like tiles. Some homeowners use tin squares to create their backsplashes while others use sheets of tin that are made to look like individual tin tiles. These sheets of tin can often be found in antique shops where old tinned ceilings have been removed from older homes. This repurposing of tin makes a beautiful backsplash that speaks of yesteryear.

Today’s tin backsplash tiles and sheets can come in a traditional silver finish or a copper one. These sheets can also be primed and painted so they can fit in well with a kitchen’s design scheme and colors. Many people today prefer keeping the tiles in their original metal hues to add to the beauty of their kitchen through the use of a unique design element which can then be added as an accent throughout the kitchen.

Tin Backsplash Tile Installation in Brooklyn NY is fairly easy, but most homeowners prefer to hire a professional to ensure the tiles are hung properly. The surface area in the backsplash will need to be sanded smooth, and a special adhesive will need to be applied, so the tin permanently adheres to the wall.

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