Is Roofing in Montgomery County the Same?

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Roofing

When looking at the roofing in Montgomery County would one expect to find the same types in neighboring Howard County? Actually one would, for it’s not the zip code that determines what can go wrong with roofing, it’s generally the same anywhere a home is located. Most roof repairs are addressed when the homeowner notices a leak on the interior of the home. Yet before you get a leak on the inside there are a couple high problem areas that you can check prior to a roof emergency that can help you avoid a costly repair when the weather is cold and icy.

Most roofing in Montgomery County experiences the same problem areas of decay in a couple problem spots. Let’s address the first of two of these areas which are chimneys and skylights. If you’re roof has a chimney or a set of skylights in it, these are the first two areas you should check during the calmer weather months.

Roofing in Montgomery County; What to Look for Around Chimneys and Skylights

It’s without a doubt one of the highest known leak spots, but why is this? It’s because quality workmanship that is up to code for Montgomery County isn’t always upheld. It’s actually the metal underneath the shingled surface that is most important. You want to look for the metal located around these surfaces which should be visible right from your rooftop as 1” metal sticking out around the corners. This metal area has a 2” metal that runs underneath the roofing material surface and is what’s known as a “back pan”.

Roofing in Montgomery County; Protecting Your Roofs Valleys

Although the roofing in Montgomery County can be considered up to code without the use of a specific leak barrier, it’s recommended for the longevity of your roof that you require your roofing contractor to install them. Just like in nature, water will always seek the lowest ground, if it’s raining between peak areas on your roof line; the low spot where these two areas meet at the bottom is a valley.

See ideally you want your roofing in Montgomery County to utilize an “Open shingle style”. Let’s start with a closed style; a closed style is where the shingled surface is interwoven with each other covering the valley. While this will pass a building code, it does not perform as well nor better than the open roof shingle style. An open roof style can be identified as one that has sheet metal running down the length of the valley. Being that the cost is the same, and that the sheet metal can be ordered in any color to match that of your roof shingles it’s the better choice. Just common sense will tell you that water will run away faster down sheet metal than off of interwoven shingles in the valley low spots.

While roofing in Montgomery County can be done quickly, once it needs to be fixed it can be a sudden emergency. When you need a new roof or a roof repair from a company you can trust call the experts at Website Domain who will be happy to come out and inspect the protectiveness of your roofs surface, while keeping the quote economical.

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