Humanely Solving Your Squirrel Problem in Alpharetta, Georgia

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Pest Control

Squirrels playing and romping in your yard are fascinating and undeniably cute. However, squirrels might make their way into your attic or under your roof since it seems like a safe place to raise a family. If squirrels decide to nest in your attic, they become destructive pests. Safe, humane squirrel removal in Alpharetta can put squirrels in their rightful place, outside and back in your yard.

Humane squirrel removal in Alpharetta involves setting live traps to capture the critters. The squirrels will be released in a safe place. After that, any damage, sanitize the nesting area and apply an agent to kill any parasites left behind. Finally, they’ll find the squirrel’s access point and block it off, preventing any new squirrels from getting in.

You may need to trim back any tree branches that the squirrels used to get onto the roof. Also, you might need to remove any bird feeders that have attracted squirrels. While squirrels are cute and entertaining, they can also become a nuisance. It’s best to humanely discourage them from spending too much time around your home.

If you enjoy having squirrels in your yard, you can build or buy a squirrel house to keep them out of your house. These are nailed to a tree, providing a safe, warm place for your squirrel friends to call home. While squirrels are fun to watch, they are not fun if they are living under your roof.

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