Grand Rapids Lawn Sprinklers Make Watering the Lawn Easy

by | May 28, 2013 | Home Improvement

Many gardeners and homeowners want a perfect lawn, but they don’t want to hand water it for hours every few days. At best holding a hose and watering a lawn, is a time consuming activity. For many older people or those who suffer from arthritis, it can be difficult to drag a heavy and dirty hose all over the yard. They might have tried using a sprinkler at the end of a hose. That still requires a great deal of attention over several hours as they move the hose and sprinkler from one area of the yard to another. It’s also not too good for the lawn, if they forget to move it or turn it off.

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is the perfect solution for a homeowner. Ideally this process happens when the yard is new and the landscaping is being planned. That way the Grand Rapids Lawn Sprinklers company representative can install it before the lawn and plantings are put in. However, sometimes an avid lawn lover moves into a home with an established lawn area and flower beds. Sprinkler technicians use a special vibratory plow to cut the trench that the irrigation pipe will lie in. This equipment minimizes turf dislocation. Of course, this is a major landscape installation and it does affect the lawn and any flower beds that it has to travel through. It is not permanent damage. The homeowner can expect their yard to return to normal in about three weeks.

A trained technician will work with the homeowners to ensure that in addition to their lawn, their flowers, shrubs and trees all get the perfect amount of water that they need to grow. If the gardener has not completed their landscaping plan, the technician can build the system in zones so that no every area will be watered immediately.

Having the Grand Rapids Lawn Sprinklers company install a system is also an added security feature. If the homeowners go on an extended summer vacation, the yard will still get watered. In addition to continuing to look healthy, the yard will look like someone is home caring for it. If the homeowners hire someone to mow the lawn, no thief will guess that the house is vacant.

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