Getting Ready For A Firewood Delivery In Anaheim

When a home has a fireplace present in the living space, the need to purchase wood to set ablaze becomes necessary. There are several steps to take to prepare for a firewood delivery in Anaheim. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Purchase From A Reliable Source

Before making a firewood purchase, it is best to shop around to find a deal on pricing if possible. Knowing the going rate is best before making phone calls to suppliers in the area. Be sure to inquire about delivery or gas fees before agreeing to a drop-off. It is important to purchase firewood from within your state. Many states have laws regarding the transporting of wood from county to county or between state lines. Knowing the law beforehand is important. This minimizes the chance of pest invasion spreading from area to area.

Prepare An Area For Firewood Storage

It is best to avoid placing firewood inside of a home until it is needed. This reduces the chance of insects or rodents getting to the home along with the wood pieces. Prepare a spot outdoors for the stacking of firewood. Make sure the bottom layer is not resting upon the ground. Use wood planks or cinder blocks as a base. This helps to keep moisture from saturating the wood.

Cover Wood And Check Pieces Before Use

Invest in a waterproof tarp to cover the woodpile so it is protected from moisture exposure. When a piece of wood is needed for a fire, remove it from the pile and gently tap it against a hard surface. This will dislodge any pests from the log so they are not carried into the home. Select pieces of wood that are dry enough to light and replace the tarp over the remaining pile.

When there is a need to hire a service that provides firewood delivery in Anaheim, using one with a fast response time and competitive pricing is desirable to customers. Contact Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. via phone or their website to find out the many services they provide. Make an appointment for a scheduled firewood drop off today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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