Fun with Bat Removal in Dublin OH: What it Is and What it Isn’t

Bats can seem cute, to some, but they can be more than pesky. For the thousands of Americans and Columbus residents alike facing bats in their attic space, they should take action no matter how cuddly they appear to be. They can be unsafe at worst and noisy at best.

Detecting Bats

Bats, of course, aren’t removed in the same way as a bug infestation or even a rodents. Let’s presume that, in this case, the family is extremely confident that bats are in the attic. A few obvious signs are loud screeching noises that are hard to distinguish from anything else. Bat activity can be found around the house. The roof may have what are bat guano, droppings from the bats that collect in similar areas. The bats are also the noisiest at night, and they will almost always leave the attic and traverse the night skies, returning before the sunrise where the noise again amplifies back up.

What Does Bat Removal Not Include?

Bat removal in Dublin OH is going to include a targeted effort to remove the bats from the attic space through some tried-and-true strategies. What bat removal does not include is the killing of the bats. For purely practical reasons, it isn’t easy to do.

For example, bats feed on live insects. So, teams would potentially need to first to poison any insects which they hope will be eaten in the next 12 hours by the bats. It doesn’t work. Poison bombs are unproductive because the bats can easily leave the space and come back, ultimately resulting in a lot of wasted time.

On a final point, killing bats are against the law. There will have to be a sneakier strategic approach for Bat removal in Dublin OH.

This is Not a DIY Project

Check out our website for how to take a tactical and sensible approach to bat removal. It isn’t a DIY project as much as the Internet may say so. It’s a project that requires delicacy, usually marking entry and exit points and closing them off appropriately. There’s also the follow-up, which includes extensive cleaning of the home. It’s a big project, but one that can result in a bat-free home.

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