Do You Need a Rental Dumpster in Honolulu?

by | May 2, 2017 | Waste Management

Roll-off bins come in a variety of sizes and are used for one of various, activities. You can choose roll-on/roll-offs or ROROs for such activities as demolition, construction clean-up, household cleaning, and getting rid of green waste. The dumpsters can also be used to haul away concrete, rock, or dirt.

What Do You Need to Haul Away?

In order to get the right-sized rental dumpster in Honolulu, tell the rental company professional how you plan to use the RORO. After all, it can be hard to determine the size as you might be hauling concrete or a similar heavy material, both of whose weight may be tough to estimate.

What You Need to Provide

To choose a rental dumpster, first ascertain the approximate weight of the materials by either calling the company or checking calculators online. You should know how many square feet of material you are disposing of as well as the projected thickness.

An Example to Follow

For example, if you are getting rid of a bundle of asphalt roof shingles, you normally are getting rid of about 75 pounds of weight. Typically, a shingle measurement of three bundles is sufficient to cover a roof. Also, the weight for this material normally falls around 250 pounds. Therefore, you want to size the rental dumpster to handle this type of load. When you have this information handy, it is much easier to determine the RORO size that you need.

If you are throwing away materials during inclement weather, always cover the RORO in a tarp, especially if you are disposing of an item such as a mattress that can absorb a good deal of moisture. Any additional weight from rainy conditions can add to an RORO’s weight, which can lead to extra charges. In order to obtain further details about an RORO for home construction or landscaping project, click here. Once you have a size determined, you can schedule the container and begin working.

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