Differences Between Earwigs Termite Hilo

Earwigs and termites are both nuisance insects of the highest order and they both are some of the top reasons why extermination companies are called to homes. But there are differences between earwigs termite Hilo, in fact probably more than the average person realizes. Here is a breakdown on just how they differ from each other.

Scientific Orders

These two insects actually belong to two entirely different scientific orders. The earwig belongs to the Dermaptera order while the termite belongs to the Isoptera order. Dermaptera is Latin for “skin wings” and Isoptera is Latin for “equal wings.” Not all termites have wings but the ones that do have wings that are very matched in size. Only the termites that reproduce are possessed of wings. The wings of the earwigs are leathery in feel and very durable.


Termites are creatures of a very social nature. Much like bees, they form populations which have a king, queen, soldiers, and workers. Earwigs, on the other hand, do not adhere to such social constructs. Somebody may find a large group of earwigs under mulch but there is no rhyme or reason to their gathering, they are simply just there, an earwig party if you will. They also have no pre-defined roles such as worker or soldier. An earwig is simply either male or female.


Earwigs actually kill and consume other insects. They also dine upon rotting vegetation or even live plants. The termite does not consume flesh of any kind and instead eats only things of a cellulose nature, such as wood. Earwigs termite Hilo tend to dwell in different types of environments. Earwigs can live out in the open because they have a thicker and more well-developed chitin. The termite, however, must keep to subterranean areas because they have chitins that have not fully developed. The termite can desiccate quite rapidly when exposed to the open air and sunlight.

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