Defining the Characteristics You Should Look for in a Wall Covering

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home and Garden

Here, at Wolf-Gordon, we are totally committed to featuring wall covering products that make a lasting impression. You only need to go online and visit such websites as houzz to see what we mean. Not only do we represent the latest in designer styles, we also extend our lines to natural and texturized coverings and contract installations.

Therefore, our wall covering products are not just stylishly designed; they contain characteristics and attributes that make them long lasting and durable as well. The U.S. Federal Government requires that contract wall covering products meet certain guidelines in this respect, all of which we take seriously.

Looking at the Benefits Associated With Our Coverings for the Wall

For example, wall coverings used in commercial facilities that are performance-certified meet stringent standards for washability and colorfastness. Coverings should not only be resistant to light-induced fading, they should also be made so they can stand up to a washing or scrubbing with the suggested detergent. The vinyl coverings that we feature meet all these criteria. Scrapes and scuffs do not make marks or cause damage.

How Resistant is the Cover to Environmental Elements?

You also want to install a wall covering that is able to resist crocking, a process where the surface color is removed through rubbing a surface area. In fact, a contract wall covering must show a number of resilient qualities, including being stain-resistant, tear-resistant and pull-resistant too.

Blocking resistance is also a hallmark quality of a vinyl, commercially used, wall covering. Consumers should look for covers that offer blocking resistance, cold crack resistance and good adhesion as well. Make sure the quality covering you select has the capacity to resist heat aging, or has the ability to deter coating deterioration when exposed to higher temperatures over time.

Does the commercial covering that you are considering resist flames? Can it stay relatively damage-free when it is exposed to smoke? Will it shrink significantly when exposed to water? It should shrink, but no more than one percent. Ideally, wall coverings should be mildew-resistant and anti-bacterial too.

We at Wolf-Gordon feature contract wall coverings that comply with all of the aforementioned demands. Not only do we present wall installations that substantially improve the looks of an office or a home, they also meet strict certification requirements with respect to performance.

So, when you are considering the purchase of wall coverings, whether they are for your business or home, do not just look at how the covering is stylized. Review the attributes of the product too.

We, at Wolf-Gordon, comply with the above-mentioned requirements. Quality is synonymous with all the features of our products. We offer homes and businesses wall coverings that are as beautiful as they are sustainable and dependable.

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