Dealing With Overwhelming Energy Bills

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Over a period of a year it takes thousands of dollars to heat and cool a home, half of the money is spent heating and cooling the house when it is empty. With this being the case you are wasting both money and energy; a Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Park Ridge may be the best way to cut costs and save energy.

What to look for:

When selecting a WiFi thermostat focus on two things; your ideal comfort level and improving the overall energy efficiency of your home. Once you have established these parameters then base your selection on ease of use and technical support.

Temperature control: The best programmable thermostat is one that offers outstanding temperature control which supports modern, multi-stage heating and cooling. Multi-stage systems respond quickly to the commands of the thermostat, switching between the furnace for rapid heating and stabilizing the environment with a radiant system.

Another feature which is important is temperature swing. Although small temperature variations of perhaps a degree or even less will ensure optimum comfort this will often result in increased heating or cooling cycles which costs money. It is best to allow the inside temperature of the home to vary by two or three degrees, this larger temperature swing will not prove uncomfortable and is far more energy efficient.

Energy management: A Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Park Ridge has an away feature as well as full week programming. These features allow you to decide which heating and cooling patterns work best for your specific schedule. If, for example, you are not planning on being home for a few days the away feature lets you override the plan which has been preset, saving on utility cost.
WiFi thermostats make use of your smartphone. The thermostat senses when you have left work and you are heading home, the thermostat begins to make your home as you want it to be upon your arrival.

Setup and design: It is of little use to have a sophisticated device if it is difficult to setup. Your programmable thermostat should be designed so that the settings can be changed and input either from the thermostat screen or a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

A Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Park Ridge is ideal way to keep the temperature in your home at the ideal setting for both summer and winter. With a modern thermostat you can save money, save energy and help the environment all at once.

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