Busting 4 Fables About Vinyl Siding

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Roofing

When it is time to give their house a facelift, many homeowners think twice about vinyl siding. They might exclude siding contractors from their research because they have a preconceived idea about the product.

Most homeowners might describe it as cookie cutter and drab. Others believe siding is more dangerous than other building materials. A little investigation, however, would uncover the truth: siding is safe, affordable and fashionable. Here are four fables and the facts about the installation of new siding and siding repair.

Fable 1: Vinyl Siding is Boring

Vinyl siding was introduced in the 1950s and, back then, there was not a lot of selection. The industry has evolved over the last 65 years. Now homeowners can choose from more than 350 colors, each certified for color retention. Popular textures include wood clapboard and cedar shake shingles. With so many colors to choose from and forms in which they can be displayed, homeowners should have an easy time creating a style all their own.

Fable 2: Vinyl Siding Harms the Environment

It is possible this fable took shape because of the impact plastics can have on the environment. Research has shown, however, that vinyl siding has one of the lowest overall Life Cycle Assessment scores when compared to other building materials. That takes into account the impact of everything from manufacturing to service life and waste management. Insulated vinyl is another factor environmentally conscious homeowners should consider. The right insulation reduces your overall energy consumption by maintaining a steady home temperature.

Fable 3: Vinyl Siding Isn’t Durable

Pictures of vinyl siding flapping in the wind are often misleading. In many cases, the siding in question was installed improperly. Properly installed siding can battle through 110 mph winds and survive extreme temperatures. This is one reason why siding contractors and manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products – and 50 more years for the next homeowner.

Fable 4: Vinyl Siding Is Flammable

Vinyl siding is actually harder to ignite and easier to put out of many other construction materials. Other materials, like wood, are carbon-based and have a relatively low ignition point when compared to a siding. For example, common framing lumber will catch fire at about 500 degrees F. Siding, on the other hand, catches fire at about 730 degrees F.

Homeowners who choose vinyl siding typically find it easier to clean, repair and maintain. If you have questions about installing vinyl siding, consider calling R Brothers Restoration, Concord NC, for a free assessment and $250 voucher.

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