A Brief History of the Flush Toilet

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Business

Believe it or not, flush toilets are not new.  Your grandparents may remember having to use outhouses during visits to the country, but flush toilets have existed for millennia.  Ancient civilizations in the Indus Valley and on the island of Crete had toilets with running water.  Queen Elizabeth I of England even had a flush toilet at Richmond Palace.  During the Industrial Revolution, toilets began to resemble the ones you see in today’s houses and Restroom Trailers.  Today, we take for granted that flushing toilets are always nearby.  Therefore, it is a great inconvenience when they are not. To solve this problem, Portable Restroom Trailers are available for outdoor events and industrial sites.

Clean Bathrooms Near Me, Wherever I Am

Montondo Trailers makes Mobile Shower Trailers and restroom trailers for occupational and recreational settings.  Inside, the trailers look just like high-quality public restrooms.  Employees or festival goers will feel just like they are using a restroom in a restaurant or office building.

Even the most basic of the Montondo Portable Restroom Trailers have stalls with locks that slide to close.  The trailers have sinks with hot and cold faucets.  They have everything a public bathroom in a permanent building would have.  They do not look or feel anything like a portable toilet.

Make the Work Environment More Comfortable

If your employees have to spend months at a work site that does not already have bathrooms, a restroom trailer is a great investment.  No one looks forward to working at a place where there are no sinks or flushing toilets.  Fully functional restroom trailers improve worker productivity and morale.

The Montondo Trailer Promise

We Have a Massive Selection of Used and New Mobile Restroom Trailers and Shower Trailers.
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