4 Reasons to Waterproof the Crawl Space

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Home Improvement

In the current volatile economy, it is paramount to come up with ways of reducing your daily expenses to save money. You definitely do not want to spend money on things or projects that do not add any value to your home. Nonetheless, unforeseen occurrences such as water damage can have adverse effects on your home. Hence, you should take all the necessary steps to prevent such incidents.
Here are three benefits of having a sealed crawl space in Mecklenburg County, NC.

Prevent Water Penetration

Studies have shown that most water damage incidents are caused leakages in the crawl space. A reputable company such as Dry Otter Waterproofing has personnel who can seal the crawl space to prevent water from penetrating during the rainy season.

Promote Indoor Air Quality

Most of the respiratory diseases are caused by inhalation of air that contains disease-causing pathogens. Availability of moisture in the crawl space results in growth of molds that produce spores. The spores can cause respiratory problems when inhaled, as most people are allergic to them. Professional crawl space repair expert can help seal this section of your house as well as get rid of all the molds. This will in turn promote indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

Prevent Deterioration of the Foundation

It does not take a flood to compromise the foundation of your home. Small water leakages can weaken the foundation if left unattended to for extended periods. Therefore, it is recommended to arrest of leaks in your crawl space and roof as soon as possible to avoid such issues. A professional renovator can help improve the crawl space drainage to promote the strength of your foundation.

Indeed, a professional crawl space sealing service will help enhance the safety of your house. Be sure to schedule routine crawl space inspections to uncover and rectify hidden flaws before disaster strikes.

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