When to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator in Revere, MA

You need to call a bed bug exterminator at the first sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs are related to fleas, and if you’ve ever had an animal with fleas, you know how resilient they can be. There are very few poisons that will safely kill bed bugs. Ones that exist either kill the eggs or the bugs themselves; rarely do they do both. Only the most qualified pest control companies have the tools and resources to eliminate bed bugs.


One of the most reliable ways to kill bed bugs is with heat. There are chemicals they are now immune to, and their eggs are very resilient. Also, it can be incredibly difficult to get the proper chemicals into every corner of the house and deep into your furniture. One of the most effective treatments from a bed bug exterminator in Revere, MA is heating your home.

Your home needs to be about 120 to 140 degrees for four hours to kill bed bugs. Alamo Pest Control LLC in Revere, MA has a wide range of options for dealing with bed bugs. However, the bed bug problem does not stop with just killing the bed bugs; you also need to kill the source. In the case of bed bugs, many of them ride on animals the same the way fleas do. So you might need rodent control services to fully tackle your bed bug problem.

Rodent Control

Controlling rodents is important for controlling your bed bug problem. A bed bug exterminator will definitely examine your rodent situation when treating your home. It’s also part of a holistic approach to pest control. The things that attract one set of pests will inevitably attract another type of pest. To keep your home free from all pests, you need to take a complete approach to your home’s health.

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