Using Quikrete in San Diego to Fill in the Cracks

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

Concrete is one of the most popular options for roads and garage floors but as strong as concrete is, unexpected cracking is quite a common problem. Crazing, d-cracking, drying shrinkage, plastic shrinkage cracking, thermal cracks, corrosion and alkali-aggregate reactions are just some examples of the most common problems and if you are hoping to restore the appearance of concrete, consider using Quikrete in San Diego. With Quikrete in San Diego you can maintain the quality of concrete and help it to resist the elements, such as hot temperatures, decay and water wear-down. When you know how Quikrete in San Diego works, you can resurface your concrete in as little as 20 minutes.

Inexpensive and Simple to Apply

Once you apply Quikrete in San Diego, it could set in just 10 minutes or if you will be applying the substance over a larger area of concrete, the time may increase to 20 or 30 minutes. It is recommended to stock up on Quikrete because when you have some of this mixture handy, you can complete those do-it-yourself jobs from the comfort of your home. The mixture is generally inexpensive to buy and the price is definitely worthwhile when you consider the fact that a concrete resurface is not required after Quikrete has been applied. To resurface concrete without this mixture you would need to pay for things such as a concrete mixing truck, which can eat away at your bank balance.

Mixing Quikrete

Pretty much anyone can apply Quikrete in San Diego to the concrete in their yard, which is why this product is so popular. Using five parts water and one part Quikrete, you simply have to whip up the mixture until everything is combined, before smoothing it over the affected area. More water can be added if the mixture is too thick and vice versa. If you only have to fix small problem areas you can expect Quikrete to last for a long time, making this an affordable maintenance option.

Various Coating Substances

Even if your concrete is in good condition, it is advisable to touch it up regularly with Quikrete in San Diego because when you do this, you reduce the chances of imperfections occurring. There are five main types of Quikrete available to buy and the type you buy will depend on the surface you are treating. Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is suitable for interior surfaces, Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating is suitable for areas that face lots of wear and tear, Premium Clear Epoxy Coating will work well for interior surfaces, Epoxy Multi-Surface Coating is ideal for strengthening and Anti-Skid Textured Coating should be used in areas where there is high-traffic.

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