Simple Steps For Proper Roofing

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Roofing

There is always a process to follow no matter what you are doing. For the race car driver, they must be willing to follow the process of building, testing, qualifying, and then racing, in order to fully understand how the car works. The process of how things work is not only important to understand but it is important for the proper functioning as well. If corners are cut and shortcuts are made, it will be impossible for you to fully appreciate and use whatever you are trying use. The process of roofing is no different. There is a proper process required to install a new roof and this guide will explain the process in a step-by-step manner. This will not cover every aspect of home building but it will hopefully give you a quick glance into the world of roofing. If you are planning on installing a new roof at your house or you are simply trying to expand your knowledge, pay close attention to the information that follows.

The first step in proper roofing in Pueblo is to determine the size of the roof that you are going to be working on. This can be done by climbing onto the roof and measuring the length and the width of your roof. If your home has an irregular shape then you will need to do this in small sections. However, in most cases a simple multiplication of the length and the width will give you the square footage of the roof. Once you have determined the size of the roof you will then need to move to step two.

Step two of the roofing process is the purchase of the materials. This is where the size will come into effect. The roof size will determine the amount of material you need. In this case we will be going with a regular asphalt shingle. Once the material is purchased you will then need to purchase roofing nails. These nails are shorter than the average nail and they have a wider head.

Step three in the roofing process is the installation. Part of the installation is the removal of the previous roof. Once the old roofing has been removed you will then need to cover the wood with felt paper, sometimes called tarpaper. Once the paper is installed you can begin to install the shingles. It is important that you allow the shingles to hang over the edge of your home so that you will have proper water drainage. Failure to do this will result in leaky roofs and rotten wood.

As you can see there are many steps to proper roofing. This is a complex job that requires skill and the right tools. Before tackling this job on your own you may want to spend some time speaking with a professional.

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