Signs Your Roof Needs an Inspection By a Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills, CA

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Roofing

Roofs protect homes from the different weather elements. But like many parts of your home, this protection can fail over time. Thus, it is important to ensure that your roof gets inspected on a regular basis. If you see any of these warning signs, you should have your roof checked.

One of the warning signs an inspection is needed by the Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills CA is water stains. Water stains on the ceiling are a sign that the roof has already been leaking. It is also a sign that the water has already gotten into your home. While the damage at this point may be limited to that specific area, it will spread over time. This damage can add up significantly as other areas of the roof become more susceptible to water intrusion because of a damaged area.

Another warning sign you need to heed is sagging in the ceiling. Sometimes, the paint color doesn’t change when it comes into contact with water. This can be due to the paint used or the ceiling color is too dark to see a subtle change in color. Usually, sagging is caused by pooling water in the drywall. When the weight of the water becomes too much, the ceiling will collapse. Determining the extent of the leakage is important because the area leaking maybe larger than it appears. View website to know more about the best roofing contractor in Chino Hills, CA.

You should also have the roof inspected by the Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills CA if you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a strong wind or rainstorm. Older roofs and previously leaking roofs are especially susceptible to damage under these types of conditions. This is because the roof has been previously compromised and other parts of the roof may be weakened. While roof damage is covered under these conditions, it still should be identified quickly to ensure that more damage does not occur.

These are some of the signs that you need a roof inspection. For more information on roofs and repairing damage, check out The roof is your most important defense against the weather. It is very important that it remains intact over the course of its life.



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