Functional Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburg

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Kitchen cabinets are used in the home to represent style and elegance because of the variety of designs that can be incorporated. Aside from their functional role as storage units for items to be used in the kitchen, they also improve the general beauty, appearance and organization of the kitchen.

The primary material of choice for making Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburgh is wood. However, this material may vary to include metal and glass. They are often composed of six flat pieces of wood with five held permanently together and the sixth allowed to stay free in the form of a door. Modern models have even incorporated pull-out shelves within this sixth section to reduce excess bending when accessing items in the cabinet.

Space within the kitchen is maximized to include cabinets both above and below working surfaces. Modern designs have gone further to allow cabinets to wrap around an electronic appliance such as a cooker. This reduces clutter in other areas of the kitchen, thereby reducing risk of injury. In addition, air is allowed to flow freely using these designs, reducing the build up of toxic gases in the home. Various finishes can be applied to the wood used to construct these cabinets. Varnish, shellac and lacquer allow a grain revealing finish while paints and dyes allow one to conform cabinets to the color of the other kitchen appliances for a more uniform look.

The interiors of kitchen cabinets have also been the subject of design strategies to come up with measures of maximizing the use of space and reducing user exertion during use. Drawers, trays and shelves are some of the different types of interiors used. Some kitchen cabinets may even be adapted into built-in storage units for various kitchen appliances, such as microwaves and coffee makers, which can be easily suspended to achieve a flush installation. This maximizes use of space in the kitchen and allows suspension of various kitchen appliances safely.

Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburgh are designed based on the kitchen measurements that are in place. It is essential that one finds an appropriate contractor and Contact them, so they can measure the kitchen dimensions and design cabinets that will fit snugly.

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