Duct cleaning is not difficult to accomplish

The EPA is still debating on the benefits of duct cleaning in Woodbury. Since duct cleaning has not been fully investigated the potential benefits or problems have yet to be determined. If none of the family members are showing any signs of an allergy or unexplained illness and a visual examination of the inside of the ducts does not show a large build of dust then duct cleaning is probably not needed.

However, if someone in the home is experiencing something that you think may be caused by the environment in your home then duct cleaning in Woodbury may be worth looking into. If your family doctor thinks that the problem may be caused by an allergy or a polluted atmosphere then it’s worth investigating. It certainly won’t do any harm to have the duct work in your home cleaned but it’s not just the duct work that needs attention. The registers, grills, heating and cooling coils, drip pans, the fan motor and the housing for the system must also be thoroughly cleaned.

Like most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish duct cleaning and if the work is not done properly the operation can result in a condition worse than when it was started. A careless worker or an untrained worker can easily damage the fragile ductwork which can easily add to the costs of heating and cooling your home. An improper vacuuming of the ducts can result in the release of more dust, dirt and other debris than had you left well enough alone.

You should certainly consider duct cleaning in Woodbury if you see what you believe is a substantial growth of mold in any of the exposed duct surfaces. In most cases only the interior of the duct at the register or grill is visible and to fully investigate the interior you will have to have a video robot crawl through the ducting system. Just because something looks like mold it does not necessarily mean it is mold. A sample should be taken and sent to a lab for analysis. If the substance is confirmed as mold then duct cleaning is necessary. If the insulation surrounding the ducts is wet or moldy it cannot be cleaned but must be replaced. Cleaning is only half of the process, the source of the mold growth must be found and eliminated otherwise it will just return.

If, upon inspection, evidence of rodent infestation is found then that is another reason for duct cleaning in Woodbury to be performed. Rodent feces carry disease which can become airborne causing serious problems, this must be attended to quickly and the rodent population must be eliminated which may take a pest control operator as well as a duct cleaner.

Duct cleaning in Woodbury is not difficult but it is a task that must be undertaken by professionals who have the right equipment and experience. You are invited to contact Steamatic of the Twin Cities for more information.


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