Authoritative Sources Recommend Annual Maintenance by an HVAC Contractor

by | May 31, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Homeowners typically don’t like to ask their HVAC Contractor whether annual maintenance of the heating and cooling system really is essential. They figure the contractor will say yes even if this isn’t the case. Instead, the homeowner can receive an authoritative answer by reading information online from the experts. The consensus is clear: this yearly appointment is essential for extending the lifespan of the equipment and keeping it functioning at best possible efficiency.

Government Resources

Resources like the U.S. government’s Energy Star and Department of Energy websites strongly encourage residents to have this work done every year. Doing so prevents higher utility bills and equipment breakdowns. In southwestern Florida, where central air conditioning is run much of the time for many months of the year, homeowners may want to schedule routine service before the cooling season gets into high gear.

Tasks to Be Completed

An HVAC Contractor performs a variety of tasks during the maintenance appointment. For example, all connections are checked and tightened if necessary. The worker checks the gas pressure and burner combustion and makes any necessary adjustments. Furnace burners and other components are cleaned with a vacuum tool and brushes. The same is true for the central air compressor, which is located outside the building. That unit must have the refrigerant checked and any leaks repaired. The blower may need to be adjusted to improve airflow. Moving parts are lubricated.

The Pertinent Question

Homeowners may wonder whether they really come out ahead with this type of service. If they spend $100 on a maintenance appointment, will it really save them that amount of money in electric and natural gas costs? Perhaps the savings won’t be quite that high, but maintenance and inspection can prevent the need for emergency service during the year. It also can keep the equipment working for several years longer than would otherwise be the case.

Other authoritative sources also advise people to have heating and cooling appliances cleaned and maintained each year by a contractor such as AA Temperature Services INC. For the cost of only about 30 or 40 cents per day, this important step can be completed. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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