Working With a Roofing Company in Nashville to Choose the Right Roof

After the better part of two decades of excellent service, the time has come for a replacement. While there is the option of replacing the old roof with the same design and materials, why not take some time to learn about other options? A professional from a reliable roofing company in Nashville can assess the situation and come up with some helpful suggestions.

Choosing Shingles

Perhaps the homeowner likes the look of shingles and would like to stick with something that has a look similar to the current roof. When this is the case, it is possible to mix things up a bit by going with a different material for those shingles. For example, the old roof may have used wood shingles as part of the design. Consider the possibilities of going with slate or metal instead. Both options will result in a roof that is airtight and will hold up well to everything from snow in winter to the hot and humid summers that are common in the South.

Considering Colors

Another aspect to consider with that new roof is the color of the materials. Just about every option the homeowner can imagine is available in an array of colors. The professional from the roofing company in Nashville can show the homeowner some samples, which makes it easier to choose the best color for the home. By looking at colors that are very different from the one used with the current roof, there is the possibility of using that new roof to enhance the overall curb appeal of the home. Does the Old

Roof Have to Go?

The professional who comes out to assess the roof will also tell the homeowner if it would be possible to install the new one without having to remove the old one. Depending on the materials chosen, it is often possible to leave the original roof in place. Keep in mind if there are already two layers of roofing on the home, then the best approach is to remove everything and start over. Doing so will help to reduce stress on the frame of the roof and reduce the opportunity for a structural failure in the future.

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