Why do you Need Foundation Repairs?

Foundations are supposed to be big permanent things, why do they need repairs? How can one take damage? Did someone mess up? These are the general thoughts and questions people have when they find out they need foundation repairs. The desire to blame someone is easy and immediate. You live in Dallas, you’re not expecting shoddy construction and repair, it’s not like it’s a part of the country so old that the foundation was built by layering stones by hand nor was it built by someone who’d come over on the Mayflower, so why do you now need to spend money on foundation repairs?

The problem is that the conditions that cause foundation damage are nearly universal, they’re not unique to any one location, and Dallas doesn’t have it any better or worse than anyone else. What usually causes damage is the changes in moisture and water content in the ground. It doesn’t matter if the ground swells with water, or contracts from dryness. Construction crews are careful to time when they lay the foundation around the weather so that it’s not unusually damp or dry; however, there is only so much they can do to prevent changes that sometimes happen on their own. In places like Dallas the moisture in the ground is susceptible to change, and that change can alter the nature of the ground underneath and along your foundation producing disastrous results.

When the water under a house changes it can make the foundation sit unbalanced and develop a pressure point. If for example the water along the perimeter of the house drains out and remains underneath the house there is going to be an effective swelling putting more pressure on the middle of the foundation, and less support on the weight bearing foundation walls. Or the opposite can happen and the middle of the foundation is less well supported. Either can produce cracks and a need for foundation repairs. It is frustrating, and if left unchecked can be expensive, however getting angry isn’t an effective response; instead you basically need to bite the bullet and accept that you’ll need to take care of the foundation repairs. The good part about foundation repairs being needed by houses that are new, as well as old, is that a more rapidly and recently growing part of the country like Dallas and its surrounding area will have actual foundation repair specialists for you to contract so you can have the job handled effectively, quickly, and at a reasonable price. So as shocking as foundation damage might be, once it happens, all you can do is move forward.

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