Illuminate Your Home with Exterior Lighting

Does your property look dark and dreary after the sun goes down? Are you searching for a way to help provide security, safety, and enhance your home? From functional to aesthetic, low voltage exterior lighting is the solution for you. There are various types of lighting you can use to illuminate the different areas of your home. From sidewalks to pools, you can select a decorative light to help brighten the area you want. One thing you need to consider when selecting the lighting for the exterior of your home is how they are powered. High-voltage, low-voltage, and solar-powered are a few ways that exterior lights are powered.

How Low-voltage Lights Work

The first component that is needed for low-voltage lights is the transformer. The transformer allows for a safe voltage of electricity to be distributed to the lights. You will want to select a transformer that will provide more power than the actual fixtures will use. However, you do not want to purchase a transformer that has too much power or it can overheat. There are wires connected to the transformer to the lighting that help transmit the energy to the lighting fixture. You can either lay this wire on the ground or select to bury beneath the soil to keep anyone from tripping over it. The lights that are placed about ten feet from each other and the transformer. You want to calculate how much wattage the bulbs will use on one line so you do not outdo the ability of the transformer. You can make these lights cost-efficient by attaching a photocell that will turn the lights on and off as the sun comes up and goes down. There are even timers that you can set to make the lights turn on and shut off at a particular time.

Purchase Your Lighting from a Dependable Company

You can create a beautiful effect when you select to purchase your exterior lighting from a reputable company. They can provide you with a large selection of lights to choose from when installing lights outdoor. An expert in the field of exterior lights can offer you suggestions on which lights will best fit your home and the illumination you desire. From lighting a walkway for safety to illuminating the water features in a pool, consult with a professional to help you determine the right lighting for you.

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