Can Air Duct Cleaning In White Plains NY Get Rid Of Mold?

Air Duct Cleaning in White Plains NY addresses the issue of mold as part of the remedial process. With central air conditioning mold growth is almost a given especially if the coils are dirty and dusty to begin with. With the condensate and the dust on the coils, it’s a natural habitat for the growth of mold. Mold growth can also be the result of using inferior inexpensive fiberglass filters which lets dust pass into the coils in the first place. Mold can also appear if the intake is in a moldy basement, if the system as an in-line humidifier or the unit is too large for the job.

To determine if the duct work needs cleaning is to run the system for about ten minutes and then take a spore trap test in two places while the system continues to run. The analysis of the spore test results includes a count of living and dead spores. This gives a pretty good indication of the condition inside the ducts. Air duct cleaning in White Plains NY may also use the tape test. Take a piece of cellophane tape and touch it to what you think may be mold in the system. This can be done on the air conditioning compressor and coils as well as at the vent covers.

If you use inexpensive fiberglass filters or the house is new and the inlet and outlet grills were not covered during construction then the chances are good that your system is dirty.

What Is Included With Air Duct Cleaning White Plains NK Service?

The contractor will gain access to the entire system and thoroughly clean all the duct work and plenum. The plenum is the space where return air flows and is usually between two joists or wall studs. The heat exchanger will be cleaned and in the case of air conditioning, the cooling coil and the drain pan will be cleaned. To assure that the coil is clean through and through shine a flashlight and see if light shines through. If any fins on the coil were bent they should be straightened at this time. The blower fan blades will be cleaned and the blower compartment will be cleaned.

Plenums and ducts will be completely cleaned with soft brushes and vacuums, filters will be replaced or cleaned and made to fit properly. Any fiberglass material used to surround the ducts will be repaired if torn or abraded and checked to see that it is adhered well to the duct itself. If access points were cut into the system during cleaning they must be replaced by more than just duct tape. The panels are to be held with rivets or screws and then taped. There must be no leakage at access points. All the registers and grills will be cleaned and fixed firmly to the wall or floor.

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