Air Conditioning Service Fairfax VA and Maintenance for the Summer

When an air-conditioning services company like Air Conditioning Service Fairfax VA visits a residence in the spring time, there are several things that they should do to ensure the homeowner is satisfied and will not have any major problems with their air-conditioning units when the summer season comes.

Many times homeowners will contact these repair and maintenance services companies in advance to make sure the family is prepared for long hot summer days. The goal and objective of calling these representatives is to ensure that they will not have to sit in a hot home waiting on someone to fix their units. Instead, they want their home to remain cool temperatures throughout the entire season, especially if they have babies and elderly in the home. Therefore, when the homeowner makes a call to the Air Conditioning Service Fairfax VA, they can expect some common areas to be reviewed. Listed below are some of the areas that should be reviewed when a repair representative looks at the home’s air-conditioning systems.

Check Coolant Levels

One of first things the repairman should check is the Coolant level in the system. In fact, The repairman usually checks the coolant by looking through a small glass that is located in the tubing, which is near the air conditioning’s compressor. If the representative sees bubbles, it means the unit will need more coolant to continue function properly. The coolant can be added to the unit by attaching a small sized hose to the needle valve (looks like a valve on a tire) and injecting the coolant through it.

Check Belts

The repairman should also check the belts in the air-conditioning units thoroughly. It should be reviewed for cracks, drying and wear and tear. By checking the belts in advance the owner will not have to worry about malfunctions that occur from belts breaking. This is also a regular part of maintenance and ensuring noproblems will occur during the hottest parts of the season.


While ensuring the air-conditioning has the right amount of coolant in its system, the coolant is only part of the problem if the compressor goes bad. Therefore, the repairman should also check the system for any leaks so that they can address these problems before they leave the site.




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