7 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Storage Unit

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Pest Control

  1. Be aware. Even if you are one of those people who uses their storage unit regularly, you might not realize it when pests decide to share your space. Anyone who maintains a storage unit in Pennsylvania needs to be aware of mice control and other pest control methods that can be used to safeguard your belongings.
  2. Visit regularly. Many people maintain a storage unit and barely use it, forgetting about it for years. If you have an existing or new storage unit in Pennsylvania, check up on it as often as possible and look for signs of pest problems like droppings.
  3. Take responsibility. The storage unit owner or manager might claim that they perform regular pest control. That may be true but find out exactly what types of pest control they are performing and how often. You might learn that they are only spraying for roaches but not for rodents.
  4. Check your insurance policy. In most cases, you are responsible for protecting your unit and your contract will explicitly state as much. Insurance is unlike to cover the cost of any belongings that were damaged by mice unless you took the effort to prevent or eliminate them using pest control services.
  5. Clear clutter. To keep mice out of your unit, your best bet is to rid yourself of any junk you no longer need. Paperwork can be especially attractive to pests. Over-accumulation of junk creates exactly the type of environment that harbors mice or rats.
  6. Get rid of the food! Of course, be careful about storing any food in your unit. Mice and other rodents can eat through some types of packaging.
  7. DIY. Finally, you can use some DIY methods of mice control such as setting a few traps or using a spray designed to deter mice. These are not long-term solutions, though, as eventually, mice will figure out alternative ways to access your Pennsylvania storage unit.

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